Individualized training with moble app and fatigue in MS

Individualized training, guided by a mobile app, to counter fatigue in recent cases of multiple sclerosis (MS)PhD dissertation research by Manon Rojo

Supervision: Professor Léonard FEASSON, Professor Jean-Philippe CAMDESSANCHE, Doctor Angèle MERLET

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (1). It is characterized by complex and heterogeneous symptoms such as chronic fatigue and impaired functional abilities. Exercise therapy is an effective strategy for reducing chronic fatigue (2). However, MS patients remain less active than the general population, mainly due to the fatigue they experience (3,4). Improving the benefits of exercise therapy could be based on  tio three approaches: personalization of training, practice at home and early initiation. The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of individualized training, at home, guided by an application, to combat fatigue in patients with a recent diagnosis of MS.

Forty-eight patients with a recent diagnosis of MS (≤ 2 years) will be recruited and randomized into 2 groups: a control group which will follow the HAS exercise recommendations and an individualized group which will follow a personalized and guided training program. by one application for 12 weeks. The benefits of the training program will be evaluated by physical capacity tests, neuromuscular tests, blood and muscle tissue analyzes as well as questionnaires before and after the study period.

This study should highlight the benefit of early and individualized exercise therapy for MS patients to limit the onset and worsening of fatigue and provide a better understanding of the neuromuscular physiopathological mechanisms of this disabling symptom.

Duration: 09/2022 to 09/2025