Current Projects




Dose-effect of physical activity: influence and relationship with autonomic nervous system and force-velocity profile in coronary patients on cardiac rehabilitation

Marie Fanget

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation and local vibration: contribution of reflex activation of motor units to neuromuscular adaptations

Loïc Espeit 

APA in fibromyalgia patients

Claire Colas 

Influence du sexe et de la fatigue sur la locomotion humaine : ajustements neuromusculaires et biomécaniques du membre inférieur

Thibault Besson

Characterization of chronic fatigue in intensive care unit: role of the neuromuscular function

Djahid Kennouche 

Interaction between vibration damping and morphological and functional characteristics of the runner: implications for fatigue and footwear construction

Marie-Caroline Play 

Cardiovascular and neuromuscular responses to exercise throughout the adult lifespan

Eric Luneau 

Development and validation of a self-assesment station: Toward individualized training recommendations

Yann Le Mat 

Foot ankle complex strength:  pedestal for a physically healthy ageing?

Enrico Roma 

High-intensity interval training: cumulative fatigue and implications in prescription for physical reconditioning

Jaume Lloria Varella 

The effects of an exercise and nutritional intervention on neuromuscular function, fatigue and quality of life in patients with colorectal cancer: a pilot study

Dr José Mira 

MechaPhySprint - biomechanical and physiological analysis of sprint performance
Edson Soares da Silva

Optimisation of motor simulation techniques in post-stroke neuro-rehabilitation

> Clara Pfenninger 

Machine learning to predict muscular injury during sprits

Jeanne Tondut

Physiological and Psychological effects of walking football on persons between 60 and 80 years of age

Mélanie Boithias 


Fatigue and gait decline in adult cerebral palsy: pathophysiological determinants

Anders Gravholt


Adapted physycal activity and Multiple sclerosis

Anthony Khawaja


Benefits of adapted physical activity in sickle cell disease, multiple sclerosis and facio-scapulo-humeral dystrophy (FSHD)

Angèle Merlet


Individualized training, guided by a mobile app, to counter fatigue in recent cases of multiple sclerosis

Manon Rojo






Fatigue & Multiple Sclerosis

Nicolas Royer

Performance et fatigue en trail running 

Frederic Sabater

The effect of blood transfusion therapy on fatigue in patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Dr Callum Brownstein  

Thermal strain

> Dr Jérome Koral  

Neuromuscular and functional performance of active and sedentary older and very old people

Giorgio Varesco