Challenges & Goals


The ActiFS (Physical Activity, Fatigue and Health) Chair aims to develop knowledge in the field of "sport and health" thanks to the know-how of several researchers from the University of Saint-Etienne.


The increase in physical inactivity in Western countries is responsible for a large number of chronic diseases (e.g. cancers, cardiovascular diseases, tendinopathies and arthropathies). Yet paradoxically, exercise appears to be a real therapy for almost all pathologies and in particular their main symptom: the fatigue felt by patients. Because fatigue considerably degrades the quality of life of patients, but also appears to be one of the main causes of injury in athletes (whether beginners or elite), it seems essential to understand its causes. Thus, a better knowledge of the aetiology of acute and chronic fatigue will allow us to achieve the different objectives of this Chair:

To improve the quality of life of people suffering from chronic illnesses and disabilities & of the elderly.

To determine the optimal modalities of physical practice for this type of population as well as for sedentary people (i.e. future patients) in order to prevent diseases due to inactivity.

To protect the health of athletes.


The achievement of each of these objectives will make it possible to respond to the two major challenges of this Chair:

To propose countermeasures to the onset/persistence of fatigue (e.g. adapted physical activity programmes) with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life.

Reduce the rate of injury and overexertion with the aim of improving performance but also with the aim of daily physical activity.