Xavier Devillard_EN

Xavier DevillardAssociate Professor

Nationality: French


> Thesis in Biology of Muscular Exercise in 2001 followed by 6-month stays in Canada (Laval University, and the Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec).

> Research teaching position at the University of Paris Ouest La Défense from 2002 to 2006, then at Saint-Étienne from 2006 to 2016, then since 2019. 

> Researcher at the University of Queensland, Australia from 2017 to 2018


> 67 dissertation supervisions including 3 STAPS theses, 7 M2 STAPS, 46 M1 STAPS, 12 C1 physiology.> 21 published articles: 14 international articles (max IF 6.03, median IF 2.38) and 7 national articles
> 1 patent N° 14727 of 25 November 1996, on the wheelchair ergometer VP100H
> 21 presentations at congresses, including 8 international ones.
> 18 research protocol implementations (including 1 ANR, 2 national PHRC and 5 regional PHRC)
> 5 national research funding calls for a total amount of 356 500$ > 5 national research funding calls for a total amount of 356 500
> 5 national calls for tender for training funding obtained for a total of $119,500
> Competitive sailing with 4 French championship titles, 1 vice world champion title and several single-handed transatlantic races to his credit.

Field of expertise: Disability assessment - motor function re-training - determinants of wheelchair performance.

The aim of his research is to make the assessment of motor function more reliable and to understand the optimisation mechanisms, in order to optimise the impact of training on wheelchair performance in particular, and of physical activity on health in general.



A famous person: The old man in "The old man and the sea"

An innovation / invention: The foil

A sport / an athlete: Paul Elvström

A place: Alycastre Fort

A motto / quote: Honesty

Another profession: Osteopath

A super power: Suppress sleep