Pascal Edouard_EN

Pascal EdouardMD-PhD, HDR, Sport Doctor

Nationality : French

Career :

> Medical studies (internship in Marseille, internship in St Etienne, DESC in Sports Medicine in St Etienne, CCA in PRM and AHU in Physiology)
> MCU-PH in Physiology (Sports medicine) in the Department of Clinical and Exercise Physiology at the University Hospital of St Etienne.

Experience : Collaborations with the international (IAAF), European (EAA), and French athletics federations (FFA).

Field of expertise : Prevention of injuries in athletics and prevention of hamstring injuries - Epidemiology of injuries - Sports medicine (specifically traumatology and reathletization) - Sprint biomechanics - Interventional analysis.


A famous person : Descartes

An innovation / invention : Time machine

A sport / an athlete : Kevin Mayer / Martin Fourcade

A place : An athletics stadium

A motto / quote : Be strong and have fun

Another profession : Track and field coach

A super power : Master space and time