Laurent Gergelé_EN

Laurent GergeléAnaesthetist - resuscitator

Nationality: French


> 1996-2002: Medical student in Clermont-Ferrand,

> 2002-2007: Intern in Lyon, including 6 months in Grenoble,

> 2007-2009: Senior Registrar in Lyon,

> 2009-2017: Hospital practitioner in Intensive Care at the University Hospital of St Etienne,

> 2018: Invited researcher Brain Physics Lab - Cambridge (UK),

> Since 2019: Resuscitation practitioner at the Hôpital Privé de la Loire - Ramsay Santé and Attached Resuscitation practitioner at the CHU of Saint Etienne.


> Medical: 12 years of clinical experience in intensive care.

> Research: Supervision of about 15 medical theses (anaesthesia-intensive care and general medicine) and speciality theses, Co-supervision of a post-doctorate, development of several signal processing software, Principal Investigator of 4 prospective trials. More than 20 communications in congresses in France and abroad.

Field of expertise: Physiological consequences and serious complications of ultra-endurance - Fatigue and resuscitation - Fatigue and colon cancer - Neuromonitoring - Hydrocephalus - Cerebral autoregulation, - CO2 and oxygen transport.



A famous person: Churchill

An innovation / invention: Ecography

A sport / an athlete: Single-handed ocean racing

A place: Col de Malatra

A motto / quote: Keep calm and carry on

Another profession: Engineer

A super power: Lengthen the days